Health & Wellness Empowerment Series

Your "trusted resource" for healthcare wellness, education & support.

Health & Wellness Empowerment Series 

We empower our patients, families, and nurse entrepreneurs with the tools, education, and resources towards practicing healthy habits on a daily basis (to attain better physical and mental health outcomes).  As a certified patient advocate, our team delivers leading expertise and guidance in managing patient care with excellence.

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Expert Guidance

Attend "live & online" sessions to gain expert advice and knowledge led by industry-leading & certified nurse advocates

Reliable Resources

Navigate the patient journey experience with our knowledge base of topics & coaching 

Mentorship & Coaching

Expand your advocacy or nurse entrepreneurship through best practices & well-proven strategies

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower individuals and families to take control of their healthcare choices by providing an advocate that's truly on their side. We don't work for an insurance company, hospital or doctor's office. We work for you.


The owner of Your Healthcare Nurse Advocates and its associates do not provide legal, accounting, or financial advisory services.  If you need help with any of those services, please seek help from the appropriate professional.

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